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  Ron Evans Homes, Inc.

Family Builder - Family Operated
(407)  509 - 1114

                      •  Serving the Deland, Winter Garden
                           and Clermont communities, since 1972

                             •  Serving Central Florida since 1969

                        •   We can improve, expand or customize,
                              — Ask us about your ideas  —

Ron Evans Homes, Inc. is a General Contractor with experience in additions,
improvements, customizing and expansion for almost 36 years in the Orlando & Central Florida areas - Residential & Commercial

Your investment can always be improved by additions, and improvements, to your existing home or commercial building(s) by Ron Evans General Contracting. Everything is built with the same quality standards we hold to, for all new construction.

We can offer extensive home improvements; screen enclosures, patios, additions, expansions, kitchens, pools, sunken living rooms and large, airy Florida rooms. We can do extensive customizing such as face lifts, new thermal windows or new flooring and porches, as well.

* Ask us about our picture gallery to help with your concepts and plans!

We offer Cost Plus construction; The actual construction costs plus a pre-set profit margin. Very few contractors in the Winter Garden, Deland and Clermont communities and Central Florida area can, or will offer this method to their customers.